Peter Brown plein air fest at the Victoria Art gallery Bath

I went to see the Peter Brown exhibition in Bath last week.

What a draughtsman he his, amazing control while remaining loose. I’d love to see him painting live. I’ve even tried using the painting medium he uses but just end up with a muddier painting than normal. Here’s a sneaked close-up from the exhibition…

20140309-030142 pm.jpg

If you go make sure you have a listen to the free audio guide. I normally steer clear of them but the artist narrates it in a friendly style and gives great insights into his practice and how much he enjoys Bath and painting plein air e.g. enjoying chatting to people during painting and finding it so sociable compared with the typical studio artist. There’s a talk by him at the gallery tomorrow (Mon 9th).

My favourites were the few larger studio pieces where he allowed himself more freedom. Here’s a close-up of a train coming into Bath Spa…

20140309-030105 pm.jpg

For me I was a bit Bath stoned by the end of it and I’d have loved to see a wider variety of subject. He’s painted a variety of other places and I’ll be looking out for his next show. However in presenting a year in the life of Bath I’ve never seen so many red dots in my life before; mission accomplished, hopefully that’ll keep his home fires burning for a while.

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