I take my inspiration from the environment I find myself in.

A variety of media; oils, pastel and watercolour. In addition to the following gallery, please browse my blog posts, e.g. of Cornwall paintings.

Studio Landscapes

Sometimes a larger work is developed from the Plein Air paintings.

Plein Air

All of these paintings have been completed outside using my pochade box which allows contains everything I need and can store two wet 12 inch wide boards.

I’ve included several galleries below showing work from my doorstep, Portishead, the local area, the West, Wales and a few from the North.

Obviously being on my doorstep literally the Severn coast in Portishead is a dominant subject.

A few of the local area Bristol and Clevedon.

I’ve visited various parts of Wales and it’s somewhere I’ll keep on exploring with my pochade box.

I’ve only recently discovered the beauty of wild Cornwall, here are some of the West generally.

A few from the North which I’ve only just started painting on a regular basis.