Portraits in oils and charcoal.

Studio Oil Portraits

These works are completed over a number of sessions. Some are purely from direct observation of the sitter and others supported by photographs.

Oil Portrait Sketches

These portrait sketches have been painted in oil on board or arches huile paper in under 2 hours each. Most use the Zorn palette (cadmium red, yellow ochre, black and white only) to speed up colour mixing.

Portrait Sketches

Some recent sketches in charcoal, graphite (propelling pencil and water soluble graphite) and scratchy old felt tips from a toy box.

Some older sketches in charcoal and compress charcoal.

2 thoughts on “portrait

  1. I saw your work at the Grant Bradley last night. I really liked the lady that you painted side view. I am still trying to get my portraits ”looser” ,at the moment they are too ”safe”. I intend to put in a lot of work this year and hopefully I will be able to exhibit at some stage!
    Any chance you could give some info and/or a title to the pictures? Also are they for sale and if so how much?
    If you want to look at my work it’s http://www.paintingsbyannwilde.webs.com
    Thank you, I hope to see more of your work in due course

    • Thanks for the kind comments, don’t forget to like my Facebook page too if you like.
      They are all for sale and the title and prices were alongside the pictures (hopefully let me know if not). The range was £140 to £420. The profile one is called “Isaac’s Mother” because the pose reminded me of “whistler’s mother” and she had a son Isaac. There’s a step by step album on my facebook page for that pic.
      I’ve found that finding your preferred medium and practising a lot in that has helped. To get looser is simple I think. Squint to see the large shapes use the biggest brush you can for the shape and apply the colour boldly. Your pictures are really colourful, looking at them I got the feeling you got tentative and over cautious when you reached the face, be bold. Better to end up with a mess and to have learned something than to never push yourself. Squint to see the big shapes in the face and copy the shapes. Squinting helps to see the tones too. If you get the tones correct the picture will work regardless of the colours. Good luck i’m sure I’ll see you around.

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