Holiday Snaps from Brittany #pleinair

I took my watercolours on hols to an excellent campsite in Brittany, Camping Milin Kerhe. I decided that oil paints would be too problematic to take (and especially bring back) on a camping trip in a packed car.

I’ve barely touched watercolours for five years so don’t judge too harshly, they don’t react well to a spot of drizzle so it won’t be a permanent change for plain air painting from oils.

The campsite are considering running a painting course from there later in the year too so look them up if you like the thought of it, it’ll be great. Good luck to Jonathan in his venture, he’s a very talented painter himself who shared an art teacher with Banksy.

20140811-110556 pm-83156041.jpg
A first sketch of some reading and a wine after getting set pitched.

The mill at the campsite, you can borrow kayaks, for free, or punt upstream.

A boy fishing at the weir.

On the way home passing Sark.

Resting racing pigeon
Resting racing pigeon on the rails of the ferry.

A random passenger reading on deck
A random passenger reading on deck.

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