Chilly #pleinair #painting from #batterypoint #portishead

Apologies for the double post, accidentally published a draft, here’s what I meant to say…

My painting of a Buoy Maintenance vessel, which obligingly sat still actually maintaining a buoy while I painted. Thanks to Norman for the photo and his friend for the ship info. Despite the care my favourite part is the turps drips in the bottom right.   IMG_0330.JPG

Here’s one of Battery Point, Portishead from later the same day showing a fisherman sat at the base of the lighthouse. He caught around five cod while I painted. It was much colder than it looked and my hand was a frozen boxing glove by the time I’d finished but I was pleased I stuck with it. 


3 thoughts on “Chilly #pleinair #painting from #batterypoint #portishead

  1. Hello Ian! I read of so many brave painters working outside in the cold. Have never tried it myself even if I’d had plenty of opportunities, as I’m living in Finland 🙂 Been a little too comfty I guess. Really nice work there!

    • Thanks Heidi. I follow the work of Arto Isotalo who is also Finnish and seems to paint terrifyingly cold scenes. On the plus side you have a much greater opportunity to paint beautiful snow scenes than we do here.

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