Some landscape sketching inspiration from Paris #painting #landscape

Here are some great landscapes that I saw on my break in Paris last week.

If you go, get a Museum Pass as you can skip some hilariously massive queues as well as saving money.

Plenty of inspiration for the final few landscapes I need to complete for the North Som Arts Week open studio the first two weekends in May!

Excuse the laughably bad photos, you get the gist and life’s too short for all that cropping and skewing.

Here are some landscape sketches from the Louvre. Here’s Daubigny who’s death caused VanGogh to grieve.
20130331-100155 PM.jpg

Corot, amazingly loose and modern looking, if you ignore the windmill.
20130331-100634 PM.jpg

And some great sketches by someone I’d never heard of that obviously painted plein air well before the writers of art history claim the impressionists invented it, Pierre Henri de Valenciennes, d.1819!
20130331-100949 PM.jpg
20130331-101028 PM.jpg

Here’s a more well known Caiballote from the Musee D’Orsay.
20130331-102415 PM.jpg

And finally some more Toits from the Nicolas de Stael in the Pompidou Centre.
20130331-102002 PM.jpg