RWA Open exhibition closes Sunday 26th Jan, and my favourite is …

Here’s my favourite and I’m pleased¬†that it sold. It’s by Emma Broughton.

It looks dark in subject and tone but it’s a large sketch about 3 feet wide and has beautiful marks. I don’t think the photo does it justice, you probably need to see it in the flesh to appreciate it or perhaps I’m just very odd. She’s a sculptor, see more of her work here¬†including a stunning bronze turkey.

Mine’s not sold but I’ll be pleased to get it back, anyone know what the pick up arrangements are?

Got “Have we enjoyed ourselves enough yet?” into the RWA open

Its title is a saying of someone my wife used to ride horses with, while getting soaked to the skin and freezing on a hack she’d ask “Have we enjoyed ourselves enough yet?”. I thought the same applied to the trudging dog walker.

It was painted using the left over paint on the palette after finishing a much tighter plein air painting. I painted the memory of the dog walker I had just seen walking back to his car, he was gone by the time I started to paint him; I was sat in the warmth of my car with the wipers on intermittent.

I met some lovely artists with some great work when I picked up my rejected large “Kilkenny Bay” seascape from the RWA this Monday. Commiserations to all of them, it really is a brutal process and a bit of a lottery. The panel must have had to view 700+ pictures in a day and wall space for the larger work is at a premium with the number of RWA academicians exhibiting. I feel very lucky to have got one in.

The RWA exhibition opens on Nov 24th and runs until the 26th of Jan.

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